Bulk Alcohol

Rectified Spirit
Extra Neutral Alcohol
Anhydrous Alcohol
The year 1943 saw the setting up of the first indigenous distillery for manufacture of Rectified Spirit / fermentation Ethyl Alcohol with a capacity of 8 KL per day.  The Distillery diversified to manufacture several popular brands of Liquor in 1969.  The plant today is amongst the largest in the country with a capacity of 45,000 KL per year of Bulk alcohol . Company's Anhydrous Alcohol plant of 9000 KL per annum is based on latest state of the art Membrane technology and is first plant of its kind in India,established by a Japnese MNC

Distillery Product Range

1. Bulk Alcohol Products : - Rectified Spirit  :  As per IS:323:1959 (Revised Dec. 1989)

- Extra Neutral Alcohol :
As per IS:6613:2002
Besides supplying these products to leading liquor and chemical manufacturers in India and meeting our own requirement for manufacture of country liquor and potable liquors, we also cater to the foreign market.
 - Anhydrous Alcohol :
As per IS:321:1964
For supplies to Oil company's in India for admixture with Motor spirits and to Pharmaceutical Industry. 
2. Liquor The company has modern facilities to produce Country Liquor / IMFL on demand or on contract manufacturing basis.

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