Daurala Sugar Works was established in the pre independence era in the year 1932 at Daurala, a small unknown village near Meerut on New Delhi - Haridwar National highway no. 58. Today, after more than eight decades it continues to command respect as one of the more efficient and modern sugar factories of the country, being a familiar name not only in India but overseas as well.

Over this period of time, diversification of activities were pioneered under the umbrella brand of "Daurala Sugar Works", Daurala. These included manufacture of pharmaceutical grade sugar, sugarcane research farm, setting up of distillery, manufacture of IMFL, Bio-Methanation, manufacture of aromatic chemical, co-generation of power etc.

The entire range of products are manufactured in modern plants having contemporary equipments and employing R & D based advanced technologies. An independent quality assurance and control system ensures continual improvement and choicest quality products to satisfy the need of even the most demanding customers.


First plant in India to manufacture double-refined sugar of international quality.
First plant in India to manufacture pharmaceutical grade sugar conforming to IP/BP specifications.

Among the first in India to adopt intensive process automation even for high skill dependent sugar crystallisation process to provide quality products of high consistency.
To further improve the sugar quality, new process technologies are continually adopted. Syrup clarification and filtrate clarification systems to meet the requirements of institutional buyers of international standards.

The power house at Daurala comprises a battery of boilers and turbo generators. The boiler house generates about 350 tons of steam per hour. The boilers are suitable to fire various types of fuels like bagasse, rice husk and other agro fuels.
The turbine house attached to boiler house generates 45-50 MW/hr power during the season to meet the requirement of sugar factory and allied plants of the complex. In addition to captive consumption ,upto 25 MW/hr power is also supplied to the grid.

As only agro fuels are used for generation of power ,the entire power generated is 100% green power.
First sugar plant in India to indigenously convert bagasse fed boilers to multi fuel fed boilers now operating on bagasse, rice husk, mustard bran , other agro fuels and methane.

Indigenously designed and commissioned wet scrubbing system at boilers for releasing cleaner and non polluting flue gases.
Fully equipped in-house R &D department for continuous development and improvement of process and products.

In house sugarcane research farm to help identify and test high yielding varieties of cane and cropping systems for improved resource utilisation and economy.
Indigenously designed distillery is rated among the largest , in terms of capacity in the country, producing Rectified spirit , Extra Neutral alcohol, Denatured spirit and Potable alcohol.

The distillery also produces Anhydrous Ethanol for mixing with petrol thereby contributing towards keeping environmental pollution under control.
First in India to design indigenously , install and successfully operate distillery effluent treatment plant recovering eco-friendly fuel methane gas in the process.

The recently commissioned Bio-compost plant combines treated distillery effluent with sugar factory waste to produce a farmer friendly manure , thereby taking Daurala towards achieving "Zero effluent" discharge status in the near future...
Chemical plant at Daurala is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fine aromatic chemicals.