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1. Successful Go Live of SAP S/4 HANA 2020 in Shriram Rayons and Daurala Sugar Works | 2. Notice for Unclaimed Provident Fund a/c (under CSR section) | 3. Environmental Clearance for Daurala Sugar Works Distillery Unit


DCM Shriram Industries Ltd.

In the year 1889, a Corporate entity- The Delhi Cloth & General Mills Company Limited- was founded. The entity was after passage of several years named as DCM Limited. The story of DCM was one of constant endeavour to achieve economic independence and viability. In all phases of development, its story closely paralleled, that of India. All the landmarks in the history of DCM are mirrored in the industrial progress of the country. The name DCM was synonymous with Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Environmental consciousness and Pioneering spirit.

A century later in the year 1989, the conglomerate that DCM was, restructured into four companies through a Scheme of Arrangement. DCM Shriram Industries Limited was one of the four companies, which inherited the century old legacy of DCM. DCM Shriram Industries Limited commenced its operations from 1st April, 1990.

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Daurala Sugar Works


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Enterprises of DCM SHRIRAM Industries Ltd's endeavour to maintain leadership status by observing norms of excellence in all areas.


We cater to the needs of all Sugar & Distillery, Rayons & Nylon, Chemicals, Armoured Vehicles, Shipping Containers and Hand Sanitizer in India.