In the year 1889, a Corporate entity- The Delhi Cloth & General Mills Company Limited- was founded. The entity was after passage of several years named as DCM Limited. The story of DCM was one of constant endeavour to achieve economic independence and viability. In all phases of development, its story closely paralleled, that of India. All the landmarks in the history of DCM are mirrored in the industrial progress of the country. The name DCM was synonymous with Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Environmental consciousness and Pioneering spirit.

A century later in the year 1989, the conglomerate that DCM was, restructured into four companies through a Scheme of Arrangement. DCM Shriram Industries Limited was one of the four companies, which inherited the century old legacy of DCM. DCM Shriram Industries Limited commenced its operations from 1st April, 1990.

As a business group that has inherited the rich legacy of sound governance, effective corporate management, technological sophistication & above all the goodwill & loyalty of numerous stakeholders & associates, the Company continue to build its business on the vision & values endowed by its founder chairman Late Dr. Bansi Dharji.

DCM Shriram Industries Limited is a diversified group with operations in Sugar, Alcohol, Co-generation of Power, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Drug Intermediates, Industrial Fibres and Engineering Projects related to Defence production.

Major Operations

As a market-driven Company, responsive to customer needs, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. remains committed to continuous modernization, expansion, diversification and innovation. The Company has established and maintained leadership in its different area of operations.

Vision & Mission

Enterprises of DCM SHRIRAM Industries Ltd's endeavour to maintain leadership status by observing norms of excellence in all areas.

Quality Systems

Highest degree of product specifications and quality standards are maintained by adopting world-class quality systems. ISO 9000 series certification has been received from RWTUV of Germany and Det Norsk Veritas of Norway.


Safety of men, machines & materials has a high priority. One of the units, Shriram Rayons, has won the National Safety Award consecutively for 14 Years.


Manufacturing units of the Company are like garden factories. Utmost attention is paid to treatment of effluents, control of pollution, and conservation of environment. This constitutes a specific target of R&D effort. Plantation of trees, replenishment of soil and special attention for the upkeep of areas surrounding the factories get special attention.

Quality of Life

Helping to improve the quality of life of employees and their families is a part of the basic management philosophy of the Company. Facilities like housing, education, healthcare, family welfare, libraries & reading rooms, sports & cultural centres and organising of religious and cultural events for employees and families are common features at all Units.

Human Resources

The Company always looked upon the development of human resources as both crucial and the most rewarding task of Management. It is believed that not machines or techniques but human beings are and should always be greatest care and concern.

Emphasis is placed on worker-management partnership. Achieving corporate goals through the cooperation & dedication of all personnel. Motivating them by imparting a sense of involvement, caring & recognition. Human resource development, career planning & skill-upgradation are essential parts of the Group's management process.

Research & Development

Research & Development is a continuous process. Focus is on maintaining a technological edge through product development, technology upgradation, energy conservation, pollution control, optimisation of resources, and conservation of environment. Close connection is maintained with research institutions like the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SRIFIR), Shriram Cane Research Farm, and Shriram Test House. A fully equipped Research & Development Centre is maintained at Daurala Complex, engaging in development of new technologies and upgradation of existing processes.